19 May 2016 Adriatic Coast

1000 Miles Car Race, Rimini to San Marino

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The 1st leg of the 2016 edition of the famous Italian car race <<1000 miles, in Italian “Mille Miglia” will be passing through Rimini as usual. Arrival from Brescia is expected by 9:30 pm on Thursday May 19th.

With the month of May come the first warm days of the year and the 1000 mile race with its Roaring Engines...Right from the early morning of the race, you can see the hustle
and bustle of beautifully conserved vintage cars, polished and shined up just for the occasion, wandering the city, left and right, people walking around, searching for the perfect 
curve to spectate and take pictures of their all time favourite car. A unique event that riunites each and every generation...from parents with their children,grandparents with
their grandkids or simply old time friends from the local bar who gather to watch the race. Mille Miglia is a memorable and exciting yearly event that literally catapults you back into History, 
while witty drivers share their passion through their contagious smiles that go from ear to ear! The 1000 mile race will always be a unique  and emotional event for the whole country.

The vehicles that are eligable to join the race are restricted to vintage cars that were in the original line-up of the historic race, 30 years and 24 editions ago, between 27 ' and 57 '. 
Brands that go from Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti, BMW, Fiat and Ferrari to Healey, Jaguar, Lagonda, Lancia, Mercedez-benz, MG,O.M., Porsche, Triumph, Zagato 
and so many others. 

As part of the yearly tradition, all of the cars in the competion will be driving through, and stopping in the city center of the Antique Repubblic of San Marino, in Piazza della Libertà. 
Don't miss out on the oportunity to see and take pictures of the cars up close, with breath taking views of Rimini and San Marino in the backdrop.
For any further information or details of the race, please visit the 1000 Miglia official site. 

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