09 September 2016 Misano Adriatico

San Marino MotoGP, Misano Circuit

misano moto gp

Since 2007 it has became one of the biggest events held at the Circuit in Misano Adriatico....

The 2016 San Marino MotoGP will be held in Misano Adriatico from September 9th to the 11th. The official race will take place on Sunday, September 11th. while Friday and Saturday will be dedicated to General practice and qualifications.

When traveling to a foreign country to see such an important race, picking the right seating arrangements can be quite hard, we’ve decided to makes things a little easier and  have pieced together some precious pointers from fans that go to Misano every year …

If you have come to take incredible photos and breathtaking videos at the circuit, fans advise to get tickets for the “Prato della quercia” in English the oak greens, where you’ll be able to get just a few meters away from the track, at a relatively slow point and capture incredible action photos.. from there, you could walk down to the “Prato del Tramonto” in English: Sunset Greens where you will see the sunset curve up close and part of the finish line, although as its name states, along with many other fans, sunset curve tends to be a little too sunny and from noon onward you are doomed to be blinded by the sunlight! Green # 3 isn’t all that it’s cut out to be, with no maxi screen in site and a view that isn’t the best bang for your money. As far as Grandstands go, your best bets are B and F, that boast a great view and maxi screens in the vicinity. 

The so called “yellow Den” is reserved for Valentino Rossi’s fan club that gathers in 3 Grandstands, Brutapela 1, Brutapela 2, e Brutapela Gold. Misano represents a true meeting point for Valentino Rossi’s avid fans, seeing as the Circuit in Misano is just kilometers away from his hometown, Tavullia.

Great views  from Grandstand Carro 1 in the heart of the Carro area where you’ll get the privilege to see the track just before the last curve Misano 16,  meters away from the finish-line.

With tickets ranging in all different prices, if you’re looking to save money, you are better off booking tickets for the green areas or practice and qualifications on Friday and Saturday.

Don’t miss out on the amazing offer for whoever chooses to watch the races from any of the Grandstands: When you buy a ticket for the main event on Sunday, with an additional 15,00 contribution you will get tickets for the Saturday as well! (special promotion ends May 10th 2016)

Complete 2016 pricelist MIsano Circuit-Marco Simoncelli: http://motogp.misanocircuit.com/index.php?page=1&lang=ita

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