Nightlife and discos in Cattolica: all you need to know.

The charming town of Cattolica, with its natural beauty, its equipped beaches, its cutting-edge hotels and its modern services attracts every year a crowd of visitors of all ages, coming also from abroad.

Indeed Cattolica allows to live both holidays in the sign of relaxation– for couples, families or elderly people – and holidays for young people in the name of nightlife, focused on fun and on the full discovery of the many nightclubs,discos and bars on the beach that animate the summer of this maritime resort just a few steps from Riccione.

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At nightfall, the quiet and elegant Cattolica turns into the Queen of nightlife and discos. We start from the exotic setting of many clubs on the beach, such as for instance the Malindi, to the colors and tastes of the freshly prepared cocktails  in the best street bars along the downtown streets (Bar Holiday, Cigno rosa and Rio above all).

You can therefore start with a drink in the open air, maybe directly on the beach, or at one of the happy hour bars along viale Bovio, preamble to a long night in the sign of a nightlife made of pubs and discos.

At night the two main streets of Cattolica become a pedestrian area, therefore allowing visitors to take a long and undisturbed walk among shops of every kind, like clubs and lounge bars, among which we cannot forget nightclubs like the Zebra Square 99, the Buddha Bar and many others.

In Cattolica Viale Dante is one of the hubs of nightlife, where to eat well at one of the excellent restaurants or spend a relaxing after-dinner among shopping and refreshing cocktails.

Then, if you love dancing and partying don’t miss the discos of Cattolica and surroundings, starting from the Baia Imperiale of Gabicce to the near nightclubs of Portoverde (Zenzero above all), the discos of Riccione (Pascià, Prince, Villa delle Rose, Byblos, Cocoricò) and the discos of Rimini.

And thanks to the “Blue Line” night bus, reaching the discos of Cattolica will be even easier.