The suggestions not to be missed for your shopping in Cattolica

Who comes on holiday in Cattolica takes advantage of modern and efficient services, both in the hotels of different categories,in the affiliated bathing establishments and in the many clubs along the city promenade.

But also from the shopping point of view, Cattolica  will certainly hold surprises to those who love to interlard the long stops on the beach or the evening in the city clubs with unrestrained shopping sessions in the stores where to find souvenirs and gifts.

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Going for a walk along the city center pedestrian area that leads to the famous fountain overlooking the promenade, turns out to be a  treasure trove of ethnic shops, shops of local craft and typical products perfect for your shopping in Cattolica.

In the bazars on the promenade you can really find everything, from swimwear, to beach games and shoes, without forgetting wonderful evening dresses and sarongs.

If instead you prefer a more organized shopping you can make a quick stop at the Diamante shopping center, just outside the city coming from the highway,a real commercial citadel where to find every kind of merchandise, including food and sweets.

After all Cattolica is just a few minutes drive from Riccione, its neighbor, where some years ago has been built another commercial center: the Green Pearl, with shops of home furnishings, footwear, sportswear, food and much more.

Finally don’t miss the weekly markets of Cattolica, that in the evening, along the avenues leading to the sea, propose the best crafts and ethnic and local gifts, placed side by side with shopping in common stores.

Also this summer you won’t miss the opportunities to make shopping in Cattolica!