The hotels in Cervia with air conditioning: standard comforts!

It’s no more time to extra pay every small privilege: thanks to the air conditioned hotels of Cervia this very important summer benefit, basic especially during the most torrid days, is simply included in the price!

The air conditioned hotels of Cervia are the best solution to face the summer hot and sultry weather that often hangs over the Riviera of Romagna: why then don’t you allow yourselves the comfort to stay in large rooms, furnished with a modern style and provided with adjustable and programmable air conditioning?

Hotel Ascot Cervia

The Ascot hotel is located in Cervia, in a very picturesque and charming. Thanks to its wide beaches and the pine forest Cervia has always been one of the favorite...
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Hotel Buenos Aires Cervia

Hotel Buenos Aires: the right hotel for your holidays in Cervia. Located on the beautiful seafront between Cervia and Pinarella, Hotel Buenos Aires offers to all guests a comfortable and...
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Hotel Antea Cervia

Directly on the green pine forest of Cervia Antea Hotel 3-star stands for vacation and relaxation. Pinarella di Cervia where you can find soft and quiet beaches with refreshing sea...
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Not only, the air conditioned hotels of Cervia are provided with air conditioning in all the hotel common areas and in the restaurant hall: at your return from the beach you’ll just have to cross the threshold to feel yourselves surrounded by a unique coolness.

The air conditioned hotels of Cervia also offer all the other typical services of other structures belonging to the same category: swimming pool and parking, children playing area, private beach affiliated with the hotel and a very good cuisine for you to discover the best of the Romagna and national culinary traditions.

Trust the professionalism of the air conditioned hotels of Cervia to spend holidays in the name of relax, sea and fun at any hour of the day: the air conditioned hotels of Cervia propose interesting agreements with the amusement parks of the Adriatic Riviera as well with restaurants, discos, bar and pubs of the city centre and its surroundings.

Don’t miss the chance to spend a unique  holiday in the air conditioned hotels of Cervia!