We are sorry but at the moment there are no matching events in this location. Why not take a look at the other events in the Adriatic Coast?

But the events in Cervia have their clou with the most important summer event, the Pink Night, that, with its pinwheel of events along more than 110 kms of coast represents a real kaleidoscope of tastes, music and shows.

The local tourist committees of Cervia, moreover organize every summer a variegated carnet of events in Cervia, that range from the children market, to fashion shows, to parties with live music, to the outdoor cinemas and the tastings of blue fish and wine on the sea...

The events of Cervia also include the craft market exhibition “Aghi di Pino”, and what to say about the educational,recreational and  eco-friendly initiatives promoted by the near House of the Butterflies?

Then don’t miss the chance to have fun thanks to the events of Cervia and its surroundings: the events in Cervia are perfect for families but also for young people and couples who want to enjoy not only the beach or the nightclubs of this beautiful maritime town but also its arts and folklore.