Friendliness and convenience in the 2-star hotels of Cesenatico

The 2-star hotels are the ideal solution for  those who want to enjoy their holidays in Cesenatico without spending too much money.

Thanks to their family run management, the 2-star hotels of Cesenatico will give you a family stay in full spontaneity allowing you, thanks to the structure dimension smaller than 3-4 star hotels, to make new friendships.

Hotel Flora Cesenatico

Hotel Flora 2-star hotel directly on the soft and warm beaches of Romagna waiting for you to spend a holiday of relaxation and fun … the sea will be at...
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The 2-star hotels of Cesenatico are characterized by a friendly and efficient staff and by the good taste typical of Romagna, the trump card of this holiday resort that represents one of the most important coastal towns of the Riviera.

The services offered by a 2-star hotel are as good as those offered by more “brilliant” hotels, but affordable to everyone.

In these hotels of Cesenatico you will indeed enjoy a particularly looked after hygiene thanks to the many checks and the small hotel dimension, air conditioning in common areas and, most important thing, a fantastic cuisine rigorously local and looked after by local people as this is the way you feel when you stay in a 2-star hotel in Cesenatico: not guest but in a big and cordial family.

In Cesenatico you can find these hotels everywhere, in the lanes of the centre, near the sea or hidden in greenery and they are suitable to all typologies of guests.

Families with children, couples of adult people who desire to enjoy the deserved summer relax, young couples and groups of prance friends in search of adventures and some amusement before starting another long winter of study and work.

Cesenatico offers really unique possibilities putting at disposal of its guests a wide range of choices able to meet economic resources and expectations in a perfect mix suitable to every need. No wonder then if people come back home with a smile on their face after having spent a holiday in these cosy 2-star hotels.