Hotels for Disabled in Cesenatico; Hotels that meet everyone’s needs

In Cesenatico the holidays are thought to please everyone also those who, unfortunately, have difficulties in movements due to a physical temporary or permanent handicap. Such difficulty is the architectural barriers that in hotel may limit or even impede movements, causing discomforts and social discriminations for the handicapped people.

The hotels for disabled of Cesenatico are accommodation facilities entirely  realized according to specific regulations laid down by the applicable law and are therefore the ideal solution able to allow also disabled people to spend pleasant holidays.

Sorry but there are currently no corresponding structures at this location. Why not take a look at the other hotel Rooms for disabled on the Adriatic Coast ?

The hotels for disabled of Cesenatico are indeed entirely realized without architectural barriers that may be even a simple step or a door width lower than 90 cm. A basic requisite of the hotels for disabled is indeed accessibility, with wheelchair ramps instead of steps, lifts for disabled and inner division of space allowing the movement of people on wheelchair.

The hotels for disabled of Cesenatico are created in full compliance with these solutions and provide comfortable and not voluminous furniture both in common areas and private rooms as well as doors for disabled access or any other health aid needed by the guests. 

Basic characteristic of these hotels is the toilet for disabled,  designed according to law requirements. In Cesenatico the hotels for disabled are made with attention to the smallest details in order to allow everyone to spend a pleasant holiday in full comfort and quiet.

Every room in the hotels for disabled is provided with standard services like air conditioning, telephone with direct line, safe, heating and Wi-Fi internet connection in all the structure in order to be always connected also during your holidays in  Cesenatico.

The customer service is unequalled as usual and gladdened by the cheerfulness of Romagna, the heat of the summer sun and the sublime scent of the sea,  for special holidays in the hotels of Cesenatico.

Not to be forget the renowned local cuisine with its lively colours and sparkling tastes that make your holidays in the hotels for disabled of Cesenatico a real moment of complete relax, in company of friendly people, disabled or not.

Cesenatico really meets every need, don’t miss such a holiday!