Restaurants and pubs in Cesenatico

“If you want to eat the blue fish, the one good for real, you have to go to a fish restaurant in Cesenatico“. Take the Romagna sailors’ word for it! And they are right. Cesenatico is perhaps the most representative city for fish and seafood cuisine.

It is thus more or less since the beginning of tourism on the Riviera, since when were born the first hotels and guesthouses, but going back in time to the nineteenth century, when these areas were inhabited only by fishermen, many travellers already lingered in these areas to taste the most delicious food hidden among the waves of the Adriatic Sea.

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Tradition has been handed down to today, and there are so many pubs and restaurants that you need a guide to the restaurants of Cesenatico to find out the ones that best meet your taste.

In this city we find both fish and meat restaurants, ethnic restaurants and many other restaurants specialized in organic or macrobiotic food, for  vegetarians. 

In Cesenatico you can find pubs with a very long, 40 or even 50 year old history and tradition. These are restaurants that have realized any kind of dish throughout the year, in every period of the world and the fish menus have enriched themselves together  with the customers’ palates, those more and more curious to taste new things and eager to fill themselves with fresh fish.

The restaurants of Cesenatico are scattered in every alley, in every street, and are mainly gathered on the promenade or in the city centre, but don’t forget that there are some excellent restaurants also in the suburbs.

You just have to ask for advice maybe to dock workers, or to local people. It’s just a matter of deciding what to eat: fish, meat, or maybe something alternative; just take a walk in Cesenatico to find an endless number of restaurants and pubs.

And let yourselves be captured by the scent coming from kitchens or by the smiles of people sitting at the tables, and by their astonished look as they bring the fork to their mouth.