Wild shopping in Cesenatico

In Cesenatico the shopping lovers will find something to sink their teeth into. Every kind of stores: clothing stores, costume jewellery stores, jewellery stores, outlets, souvenir stores, toy stores, design item stores and many others for all your desires.

As with many other cities of Romagna, also in Cesenatico the clothing stores are the most popular ones for shopping. Shoes, jeans, designer clothing of every brand, tailor made clothes realized by local artists, everyone can find the right occasion to make shopping.

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Also the outlets carve out a place of honour for the purchases of clothes and accessories that are obviously a shopping “must” during a seaside holiday in Cesenatico. You just have to leave the hotel to easily find the right store where to buy a gift for your other half, a friend or your children.

Along the promenade and the main streets of Cesenatico you can find many stores of every kind and often, being able to resist the charm of shopping, is a real act of force.

There are also markets and crafts markets or flea markets on specific days of the week and nights of shopping sprees in the hottest summer days of the Mid August Holiday or in the weekend of the Pink Night when people go to the stores of Cesenatico in search of clothes and accessories of this colour.

The market of Cesenatico thus becomes a real event not to be missed by all the shopping lovers, those who enjoy themselves among the colours of shop windows, neon and  mannequins, among bookstores and music stores, boutiques and shopping centres.

The nice thing is that in the summer there are no schedules, therefore people can completely dedicate themselves to shopping, going in search of their favourite store. But of course the recommendations are always the same: do not get too carried away..