In the air conditioned hotels of Gabicce mare the summer is always cool!

The coast of Romagna has really much to offer to its visitors, especially when we talk about hotel facilities and other accommodation facilities.

The air conditioned hotels of Gabicce mare – among the others – are certainly among the most popular hotel accommodation facilities, as summer over here can be particularly hot… from the lidos of Ravenna to Pesaro.

Hotel Perla Gabicce Mare

The beauty of Gabicce with the green promontory overlooking the sea, awaits you at the Perla Hotel, an informal hotel, where the family Ubalducci welcomes its guests with a genuine...
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hotel 3 stelle lidia gabbice mare

Hotel Lidia Gabicce Mare

3 star hotel in Gabicce Sea, located a few steps from the sea, ideal for families with children. Specially for moms is designed an area devoted to preparation of baby...
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Hotel International Gabicce Mare

Hotel International Gabicce is directly overlooking the sea and its strategic position allows to reach the beach with no streets to cross. Completely renovated and cozy, the International Hotel is...
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Therefore choose to stay at an air conditioned hotel of Gabicce Mare is not only a pleasant diversion but also a useful addition to the other hotel services, that will contribute to make your holiday even more peaceful and comfortable.

The air conditioned hotels and boarding houses of Gabicce Mare are provided with spacious rooms furnished in modern or nautical style, almost all overlooking the wonderful bay that makes Gabicce Mare one of the most suggestive resorts of the Adriatic Riviera... in these hotels you will find all the most typical services of 3 and 4 star accommodation facilities, but especially the adjustable air conditioning, to always find your room at the right temperature.

Also the common areas and the restaurant hall of the air conditioned hotels of Gabicce are provided with air conditioning, so as to make your meals and your stay in the hotel always pleasant and optimal. Why should you also choose the air conditioned hotels of Gabicce mare?

Certainly for the excellent quality-price ratio, for the first quality cuisine that combines tradition and innovation, taste and lightness in all dishes, and also for the possibility to live a holiday in a fascinating place, a promontory overlooking the clean sea of this town south of Riccione and a few minutes’ drive from Cattolica and Pesaro.

The air conditioned hotels of Gabicce Mare are waiting for you!