In the Apartment Hotels of Gabicce Mare to combine convenience, elegance and independence

The Apartment Hotels of Gabicce Mare are an unmissable opportunity for those who don’t like to feel tied to schedules for what concerns their evening return, their meals or the recreational activities to play on holiday.

That’s why there is an increasing number of cherishers of the apartment hotels of Gabicce Mare, modern accommodation facilities made of spacious and cosy two, three and four bedroom apartments able to host small groups of people, family units and similar.

Sorry but there are currently no corresponding structures at this location. Why not take a look at the other hotel on the Adriatic Coast ?

The apartment hotels of Gabicce Mare abut on the wonderful promontory that gives its name to this resort, whose sea is one of the most pristine of the coast.

From the apartment hotels of Gabicce you can reach within a few minutes’ walk the small half-hidden beaches, still far from mass tourism, where the sea is really clean: the village of Gabicce Monte can be reached in just a few minutes’ drive or walk and will allow you to live a different holiday in apartment, although being very close to Cattolica and to the other renowned resorts of the Riviera.

Choose the apartment hotels of Gabicce Mare if you are looking for quiet, independence, privacy  and good taste for what concerns infrastructures and furniture. All the apartment hotels of Gabicce Mare are indeed provided with: living room with high quality finishes, kitchen equipped with dishwasher, microwave oven and washing machine and rooms always provided with adjustable air conditioning and  plasma television.

Not bad for an accommodation that will allow you to feel like at home, although surrounded by all the infrastructures and services of a resort that over the years has always been accustomed to hotel hospitality.

Most of the apartment hotels of Gabicce Mare are open during the summer season but others are open all year round: why don’t you take advantage of them for a future weekend at the seaside?