The best 1-star hotels of Gabicce mare are waiting for you!

If you are looking for a cheap, simple and functional accommodation for your next holidays on the Adriatic Riviera, the 1-star Hotels of Gabicce Mare will certainly surprise you with their many resources.

The 1-star hotels of Gabicce Mare are not low quality flophouses as you might suspect but small family run accommodation facilities that with simplicity will help you 
re-discover the beauty and typicality of the place, starting from breakfast.

Sorry but there are currently no corresponding structures at this location. Why not take a look at the other hotel 1 Star on the Adriatic Coast ?

The small number of rooms, simply furnished, but in good taste, makes the 1-star hotels of Gabicce Mare the perfect location for the lovers of holidays in the open air, with 
no-frills and the possibility to taste some of the most savory local and national gastronomic preparations.

The attentions of the Gabicce Mare 1-star hotel staff  will often be unparalleled compared to bigger hotels just because the relationship established between hotel management and customers will be characterized by the most sincere friendship.

The 1-star hotels of Gabicce Mare, moreover provide indications and suggestions on the best beaches, pubs and restaurants where to spend days and nights, relying on a long experience and a deep knowledge of the area.

Trust the 1-star hotels and boarding houses of Gabicce Mare if you don’t like excessively formal and elegant accommodation facilities and if you prefer to live your holidays in a simple and immediate way, in contact with the pristine nature of this maritime area among the most suggestive in Italy and a few minutes’ drive from Riccione, Pesaro and Cattolica.

Don’t miss the super-rates of the 1-star hotels of Gabicce Mare, a real bonus for your holidays!