Try now the Pet friendly hotels of Gabicce Mare!

Who said that dogs and cats cannot go on holiday? If you are very attached to your four legged friends, the best is to take them on holiday with you, taking advantage of the hospitality offered by the pet friendly hotels of Gabicce Mare, a resort that you should absolutely  try for its beautiful beaches far from mass tourism, its really clean waters and the many nature trails that penetrate into the hearth of the Natural Park of Mount San Bartolo.

Not a bad location for the pet friendly hotels of Gabicce Mare, always ready to offer the best accommodation to you and your little friends…

Hotel Laura Gabicce Mare

The family-run Hotel laura of Gabicce provides a very cozy atmosphere, which many tourists are looking for their holidays. The kitchen, run by Mrs. Enrica offers typical menu for both...
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hotel 3 stelle lidia gabbice mare

Hotel Lidia Gabicce Mare

3 star hotel in Gabicce Sea, located a few steps from the sea, ideal for families with children. Specially for moms is designed an area devoted to preparation of baby...
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Hotel International Gabicce Mare

Hotel International Gabicce is directly overlooking the sea and its strategic position allows to reach the beach with no streets to cross. Completely renovated and cozy, the International Hotel is...
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Hotel Perla Gabicce Mare

The beauty of Gabicce with the green promontory overlooking the sea, awaits you at the Perla Hotel, an informal hotel, where the family Ubalducci welcomes its guests with a genuine...
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In the pet friendly hotels of Gabicce Mare, indeed you can rely on attractive proposals for the accommodation of both your relatives and your pets; here you will find large spacious rooms provided with all the category services (depending on whether the hotel is a 2-3 or 4-star hotel), with corner equipped with water and the favourite food for the small four legged guests, in order for them to take refreshment and relax in the special dedicated area without separating from you.

And if you want to go to the beach you will just have to address to the skilled dog and cat sitters of the pet friendly hotels of Gabicce Mare, who will look after your pets, taking them out for a walk and making them play. In the pet friendly hotels of Gabicce Mare is always at your disposal a vet ready to intervene in case of need: you can sleep tight!

Moreover in the pet friendly hotels of Gabicce Mare you will always have at disposal a large selection of animal feed for small size pets like dogs, cats and animals in a cage in order to satisfy also the whims of your pets!