Discover the Hotels for celiacs of Gabicce Mare: 100% satisfied!

The celiac disease is not a problem anymore thanks to the hotels for celiacs of Gabicce Mare… here, thanks to the attentions and the careful selection of the raw materials by the hotel kitchen staff, you will always taste the best traditional, local and national cuisine without incurring in unpleasant inconveniences due to food intolerances.

In the hotels for celiacs of Gabicce mare you will rely on first quality dishes,this being a resort very careful towards people suffering from celiac disease and food intolerances.

Hotel Perla Gabicce Mare

The beauty of Gabicce with the green promontory overlooking the sea, awaits you at the Perla Hotel, an informal hotel, where the family Ubalducci welcomes its guests with a genuine...
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In the hotels for celiacs of Gabicce Mare the ingredients are carefully selected, and are kept separated in order to avoid accidental food contaminations; the kitchen staff of the hotels for celiacs of Gabicce Mare is moreover competent in the preparation of healthy and balanced menus, rich in very fresh products that will delight all gourmands.

All this without having to renounce the tasty typical food of this area... the hotels for  celiacs of Gabicce Mare are the perfect accommodation for carefree holidays inside cosy and elegant structures a few steps from the luxuriant beach of the resort and a few minutes’ drive from Riccione and Cattolica.

What more do you want from a holiday? No more bothersome inconveniences due to the presence of gluten in what you eat, and no more wearing sacrifices in order to avoid all the food that can contain it. In the hotels for celiacs of Gabicce Mare there are moreover super-cosy rooms, an excellent quality-price ratio and  an incomparable reception. The proof of the pudding!