Apartment hotels in Gatteo Mare, summer apartments for all budgets

All those who love independence and  don’t want to depend on hotel schedules usually choose to stay in one of the many charming apartment hotels of Gatteo Mare. The apartment hotels have different sizes, all with kitchen, living room and toilet and are located in the city main strategical points, near the sea or far from the most crowded areas.

Sorry but there are currently no corresponding structures at this location. Why not take a look at the other hotel on the Adriatic Coast ?

All the apartment hotels of Gatteo Mare are close to supermarkets and public services, and are also surrounded by restaurants, bars and pubs in order for you not to certainly starve, even in the absence of a hotel cuisine.

The apartment hotels in Gatteo Mare stand out for prestige – as, like hotels, there are 2,3 and 4 star apartment hotels – dimension and common areas, some of them also have large green areas, small gardens, children play areas and swimming pool.

Most apartment hotels are also provided with laundry and parking, and many of the apartments for rent also have huge balconies or terraces where is wonderful to sunbathe.

Then, depending on size and prestige, in Gatteo Mare there are also apartment hotels with secure garage for cars, motorcycles, surfboards and bicycles.

The cost of the apartment hotels of Gatteo Mare depends on the apartment size: from classic two-room apartments, to larger apartments suitable to accommodate a family of five people, or even adjoining apartments.

The great thing about staying in the apartment hotels of Gatteo Mare is that it is a little like bringing your own house and intimacy to one of the most beautiful cities on the Adriatic Riviera.

In the spacious apartments with kitchen area you can cook for yourself and for your family and you are also free to have lunch, dinner and breakfast at your preferred time.

You are free to choose what to eat, where to wash your own clothes and get out of bed at your preferred time. In short ... The apartment hotels of Gatteo Mare are a choice of holiday, freedom and comfort.