Fun, discos and nightlife in Gatteo Mare

Fun in Gatteo Mare begins at sunrise and ends at next sunrise. Every day is filled with opportunities for recreation in the many clubs and pubs scattered throughout the city, where you can enjoy every hour of the day, but, especially in  discos,  every hour of the night.

The bars, clubs and disco pubs of Gatteo Mare are constantly open and always full of life, people, cocktails and trendy parties.

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These are the  nightclubs that keep alive the nightlife of Gatteo Mare that, as many other cities of Romagna, from Rimini to Milano Marittima, is a center of attraction for all the people who love spending long nights in discos and not going to sleep until dawn.

Pubs, discos and nightclubs pump a go-go music every night, with special guests in the hot times of the summer on the Riviera, for example on the occasion of the Pink Night or  the mid-August holiday; celebrities from the show business, actors, singers, musicians, DJs and even sportsmen.

The presence of VIPs in the main discos of the area adds fuel to the fire of fun and nightlife in Gatteo Mare.

A fire kept burning by the many attractions on the beach where there are plenty of nightclubs and services dedicated to sport and leisure, from the many events in the main squares and discos of the city, enlivened by the funniness and sympathy of the parties that fill with joy the summer nightlife of Gatteo Mare.

There is something magical in Gatteo Mare, something that begins at breakfast, when the radios of the bars already broadcast the right songs and on the beach start the first moments of joy;there is something magical that continues also in the afternoon, when you can have fun on the beach, you can dance with entertainers and booze in pubs, drinking cocktails; and there is something even more magical and  intense at every hour of the evening, in discos and nightclubs, from dusk to dawn, but this is not a movie, in Gatteo Mare it is all true, everything is wonderful.