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Gatteo Mare however is one of those towns that increase the value of every month of the year, with the festivals of the beginning of the season among which we shouldn’t forget the very nice Small Festival of Early Autumn,organized for the fun of the all family, the one which concludes the intense period of summer concerts,shows, events and nights on the beach, giving way to the Autumn season with its red leaves.

Exhibitions and country festivals win the love of  tourists coming from all over Italy, Europe and even from very faraway places like Australia and Japan.

The discos of Gatteo Mare, the disco pubs enlivened throughout the year, the summer clubs and the many stage and music shows  inflame the stages and the hours of the wild nights, those nights that end well beyond sunrise with funny, unforgettable and lively parties.

And it’s crazy, wonderful and amazing to see in the bars on the beach or in the hotel dining rooms, early risers and people who have spent all the night out, having breakfast together. Crazy stuff, the elderly often say.

Amazing stuff replies who instead enjoys at best all the great events taking place in Gatteo Mare.

As said above, the Pink Night and the Mid Summer Holiday just as for all the other cities of the Adriatic Coast represent the greatest events of the town, for importance and flow of tourism.

Moments in which all the forms of art and the opportunities of amusement and  food service are combined in a single great event, a single great movement based on fun that lasts all night long until the morning after.