Hotels in Gatteo Mare, Unforgettable holidays

The Hotels of Gatteo Mare host throughout the year, but especially in the summer, millions of tourists coming from every corner of the world to have fun and discover the coasts of Romagna, staying in the hotels of a very popular tourist city of the Adriatic Riviera.

The thousands of possibilities to spend unforgettable holidays in Gatteo Mare are divided among 4 and 3 star hotels, but also boarding houses, apartment hotels and individual apartments scattered around the city.

Hotel Levante Gatteo Mare

Located directly on the beach in Gatteo Mare, Hotel Levante is a 2 star hotel perfect for your holiday in the Adriatic Riviera. Many attentions make this hotel an obvious...
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Hotel Azzurra Gatteo Mare

The 3-star Hotel Azzurra in Gatteo Mare is synonymous with paradise and fun for young and old alike. A stone’s throw from the amber and soft beaches of sunny Emilia...
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Hotel Spiaggia Gatteo Mare

Located directly on the beach in the center of the town, newly renovated rooms, private secure parking, children’s entertainment and much, much more… All this is the service of Spiaggia...
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Hotel Francesca Gatteo Mare

Francesca 3-star hotel of modern construction in the tourist heart of Gatteo Mare is located just 100 meters from the beach. Kitchen first-order chefs will make you taste the typical...
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Hotel Baky Gatteo Mare

Hotel Baky 3 star hotel situated in a quiet location just a few steps from the sea and from the center of Gatteo make your holiday without thinking. Hotel Baky...
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Hotel Metropol Gatteo Mare

The Metropol Hotel, 3 stars in Gatteo Mare is located directly on the seafront and just two minutes from the city center. The Hotel Metropol Gatteo Mare is run by...
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Hotel Plaza Gatteo a Mare

Hotel Plaza 3 star group Gobbi Hotels, is located in a quiet location a short distance from the beaches of Gatteo, the right choice for a holiday of relaxation and...
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There are hotels for all tastes, needs, desires, fancies. In Gatteo Mare there are lots of 
4-star hotels.

They differentiate from each other for location in the urban perimeter,  internal design, prestige – indeed there are also 4-star superior hotels – and for the many offered services.

Swimming pool, garage, areas reserved for children, whirlpool and room service are the standards of any 4-star hotel.

In Gatteo Mare there are even more 3-star hotels, as this hotel typology is the one that best meets, for price and services, the needs of both Italian and foreign full many guest.

The 3-star hotels, together with hotels of higher category, are the only ones to have swimming pool  and air conditioning in every hotel area.

Then there are 2 star hotels that are as good as other hotels, apart from being smaller and having fewer services, something that however doesn’t affect quality.

All the hotels of Gatteo Mare, however, have more than one thing in common, beyond their prestige or number of stars stuck on the sign: cuisine and hospitality.

Two things in perfect harmony with each other, in the hotels of Gatteo Mare,  two factors that probably cannot exist one without the other.

The first, the hotel cuisine, is something exquisite prepared by the expert hands of professional chefs who use only local products of excellent quality.

The second, friendliness, is instead the kindest thing you can expect as you set foot in a hotel of Gatteo Mare on the first day of your seaside holiday.

Things that the hoteliers and all the staff of the hotels in Gatteo Mare are very well at.