1-star hotels in Gatteo Mare, Family run boarding houses

There are hundreds of reasons to choose to stay in a 1-star hotel of Gatteo Mare. Hundreds of reasons to prefer a small boarding house to any other accommodation facility in any other city on the Adriatic Coast.

Maybe they are even thousands, as this long list of reasons must be searched for in the travel memories and dreams realized by the many tourists who each year spend a holiday in Gatteo Mare in a small family-run hotel or in a small boarding house, with a single, melancholic and charming star sticked beside, above or below the sign.

Sorry but there are currently no corresponding structures at this location. Why not take a look at the other hotel 1 Star on the Adriatic Coast ?

The main motivation that drives tourists to stay in the 1-star hotels and boarding houses of Gatteo Mare is the very advantageous price, made even more attractive by the several low cost and last minute offers.

But it is not merely a matter of saving money. In Gatteo Mare you can sit in the 1-star hotels dining area and find the best delicacies of Romagna, rediscovering the genuine forgotten tastes in your daily lunch break fast meals.

And there's even more.

In Gatteo Mare you can find both values and moments of fun, leisure and entertainment in the halls of the 1-star hotels, all provided with air conditioning, often enriched by a lovely indoor bar and enlivened with the warmth and friendliness of the hotel managers.

Just the managers of 1-star hotels of Gatteo Mare become friends with all those who reach this city on the Adriatic coast in search of relaxation and rest.

The 1-star hotels aren’t obviously provided with the exclusive 4-star hotel services, but are however characterized by an out of the ordinary intimacy, friendliness and attention to details, therefore equally making a good impression to their guests.

Here, then, you can discover all those devices which, along with free Wi-Fi, TV in room and agreements with beach establishments, make special every second spent in a 1-star hotel or boarding house of Gatteo Mare.