2 -star Hotels in Gatteo Mare, the holidays in Riviera suitable for everyone.

Those who dream of enjoying a beach holiday without having to spend a wealth, however pampering themselves with culinary delights in the colours of a territory all to be discovered, very often choose to spend a holiday in a 2-star hotel in Gatteo Mare.

This because such category of hotels, boarding houses and 2-star hotels of Gatteo Mare resembles the reality of many Italian families, those who have an unbridled need to escape daily routine to go to a special place, where to relax at any time of day, where to meet new and extraordinary people, and where to live unforgettable moments both inside the hotel and on beach loungers.

Hotel Levante Gatteo Mare

Located directly on the beach in Gatteo Mare, Hotel Levante is a 2 star hotel perfect for your holiday in the Adriatic Riviera. Many attentions make this hotel an obvious...
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In the 2-star boarding houses of Gatteo Mare, especially in those family-run, you can taste the real cuisine of Romagna, the one-time cuisine, with traditional flavours and genuine products cooked with love.

In the kitchens of the 2-star hotels of Gatteo Mare you can still find grannies cooking, to whom every child always asks to prepare cakes and pies. All delicious things that you can find in the hotel buffets, menus and hearty breakfasts.

Every day. Everything is then accompanied by the incredible hospitality of the owners and staff of the 2-star hotels of Gatteo Mare, whose  work is mainly aimed at making people happy.  The nice thing is that they succeed in doing that.

They do that offering much more services than you would imagine, trying in every way to satisfy every request and desire, and they do everything with a smile on their lips, with the desire to make happy all the people who spend their holiday in a 2- star hotel of Gatteo Mare.

As in Gatteo Mare happiness has nothing to do with the number of hotel stars, it has nothing to do with the hotel prestige or with the amount of offered services, it has nothing to do with swimming pool, parking, bar services and Wi-Fi. These are just services.

Happiness has to do with feelings, smiles and a beating heart, it has to do with little things, the sun rising just in front of your window. Happiness is watching the waves of the sea when you wake up in the morning and having lunch with a special tasty dish in the 2-star hotels of Gatteo Mare. Things like that.

That are different for each one.