4 star hotels in Gatteo Mare, Hotels without compromise

The 4-star Hotels of Gatteo Mare are wonderful accommodation facilities in the most beautiful locations of one of the most popular resorts of the Adriatic Riviera.

Big and majestic, with a sophisticated design and located in the city strategic points as the promenade, the old town centre or also far from city crowd. The 4-star hotels of Gatteo Mare are chosen by the many Italian tourists who every summer choose to spend their holidays in Romagna, near the most beautiful cities of the Provinces of Rimini and Forlì-Cesena.

Sorry but there are currently no corresponding structures at this location. Why not take a look at the other hotel 4 Star on the Adriatic Coast ?

In all the 4-star hotels of Gatteo Mare we find a wonderful swimming pool where to spend moments alternative to beach life , a wonderful  peaceful place to share with your family or with your partner, a place suitable to all, with different depths and often enhanced with whirlpools.

In all the 4-star hotels of Gatteo Mare we then find a long list of services that range from the most classical ones, as reserved car parking, to the most luxurious ones as spa or wellness centre.

In all the 4-star hotels of Gatteo Mare you will moreover find one of the classics of every holiday in a hotel of Gatteo Mare: the best cuisine of Romagna, made of quality and very first choice products, prepared by the expert hands of professional chefs and served in elegant dishes by the flawless hotel waiters.

A cuisine that offers different meat, fish and vegetarian menus and much more to meet all tastes. The selected hotel staff accompanies indeed every moment of the day and makes special every second spent within the walls of the 4-star hotel you have chosen.

In Gatteo Mare we find 4-star hotels with different interior design, from the more classic ones, with ancient colours and rounded shapes, to those more close to modern architecture with sharp-cornered  vains and more impressive colours, to other ones that take the best Italian design mixed with current tastes.

As appearances also count.

And simply sitting in a charming 4-star hotel, surrounded by the shapes, colours and dimension we love most, is already a nice added value to our stay. If we add all the hotel and beach services as mini bar in room, free Wi-Fi, sauna and whirlpool, all things that make memorable a holiday in a 4-star hotel of Gatteo Mare, every day spent in this city on the Adriatic coast becomes an unforgettable period in the life of everyone.

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