Air conditioned Hotels in Gatteo Mare, a thrill of joy!

There are people who cannot stand  it and people who cannot do without it, people who say that air conditioning causes headache and people who define it the best invention of man.

Without bothering to argue about who is right or not, the facts say that today more than ever tourists increasingly request to stay in the air conditioned hotels of Gatteo Mare. Therefore the hotels of Gatteo Mare, that for over half a century have been working with tourists coming from all over the world, know how to meet the needs of their guests.

Hotel Francesca Gatteo Mare

Francesca 3-star hotel of modern construction in the tourist heart of Gatteo Mare is located just 100 meters from the beach. Kitchen first-order chefs will make you taste the typical...
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Hotel Azzurra Gatteo Mare

The 3-star Hotel Azzurra in Gatteo Mare is synonymous with paradise and fun for young and old alike. A stone’s throw from the amber and soft beaches of sunny Emilia...
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Hotel Spiaggia Gatteo Mare

Located directly on the beach in the center of the town, newly renovated rooms, private secure parking, children’s entertainment and much, much more… All this is the service of Spiaggia...
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Hotel Levante Gatteo Mare

Located directly on the beach in Gatteo Mare, Hotel Levante is a 2 star hotel perfect for your holiday in the Adriatic Riviera. Many attentions make this hotel an obvious...
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Hotel Plaza Gatteo a Mare

Hotel Plaza 3 star group Gobbi Hotels, is located in a quiet location a short distance from the beaches of Gatteo, the right choice for a holiday of relaxation and...
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Hotel Baky Gatteo Mare

Hotel Baky 3 star hotel situated in a quiet location just a few steps from the sea and from the center of Gatteo make your holiday without thinking. Hotel Baky...
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Hotel Metropol Gatteo Mare

The Metropol Hotel, 3 stars in Gatteo Mare is located directly on the seafront and just two minutes from the city center. The Hotel Metropol Gatteo Mare is run by...
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Most air-conditioned hotels cool every corner of the structure: common areas, individual rooms, corridors, public toilettes. In the most luxurious hotels even the elevators are 
air-conditioned. It is a matter of needs and habits.

Of course, many are the tourists in Gatteo Mare who, after a day on the beach under the hot sun of July and August, once they return to the hotel, tired and sweaty, cannot wait to get a good shower and then indulge on the bed cooled by the air conditioner.

That little box with a few buttons, on which appear the magical letters AC represents for many a real added value, and for this reason the first thing searched by many tourists,  who plan their holiday in Gatteo Mare,  is an air conditioned hotel.

As if on purpose, on the major search engines the most searched for keywords combinations are  "hotels in Gatteo Mare with air conditioning", "apartment hotels with air-conditioned rooms" or even "air-conditioned hotels in Gatteo Mare", and things like that.

Then those who cannot get used to using this anti-summer-hot technology , usually, turn off the air conditioning, hoping not to share the hotel room with someone who is not of their same opinion.