3 star Hotels in Gatteo Mare, the Hotels for your holidays on the Adriatic Riviera

The many 3-star hotels of Gatteo Mare every year accommodate thousands of tourists, those who, coming from all over Italy and all over the world, choose to stay in a 3-star hotel where  most of their desires are realized.

The same desires that everyone would discover and realize during a wonderful seaside holiday at a 3-star hotel of Gatteo Mare.

Hotel Metropol Gatteo Mare

The Metropol Hotel, 3 stars in Gatteo Mare is located directly on the seafront and just two minutes from the city center. The Hotel Metropol Gatteo Mare is run by...
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Hotel Baky Gatteo Mare

Hotel Baky 3 star hotel situated in a quiet location just a few steps from the sea and from the center of Gatteo make your holiday without thinking. Hotel Baky...
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Hotel Francesca Gatteo Mare

Francesca 3-star hotel of modern construction in the tourist heart of Gatteo Mare is located just 100 meters from the beach. Kitchen first-order chefs will make you taste the typical...
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Hotel Spiaggia Gatteo Mare

Located directly on the beach in the center of the town, newly renovated rooms, private secure parking, children’s entertainment and much, much more… All this is the service of Spiaggia...
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Hotel Azzurra Gatteo Mare

The 3-star Hotel Azzurra in Gatteo Mare is synonymous with paradise and fun for young and old alike. A stone’s throw from the amber and soft beaches of sunny Emilia...
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Hotel Plaza Gatteo a Mare

Hotel Plaza 3 star group Gobbi Hotels, is located in a quiet location a short distance from the beaches of Gatteo, the right choice for a holiday of relaxation and...
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The peculiarity of the 3-star hotels, especially those of Gatteo Mare and of the neighbouring towns of Rimini and Milano Marittima, is the fact that, for service quantity and quality, they are very similar to 4-star hotels.

Certainly they don’t match the 4-star hotels luxury and prestige but their being so similar in every other aspect, except the prices, gives them the courage to improve more and more. And so it has been.

In this way, the desire to get close to other leading hotels has allowed the amazing development and quality of all the 3-star hotels of Gatteo Mare. Certainly thet cannot equal the 4-star hotels luxury and prestige, but their being so similar under several aspects, except costs, gives them strength and courage to increasingly improve.

And so it has been. Therefore the desire to get closer to other leading hotels, has allowed all the 3-star hotel of Gatteo Mare to incredibly develop themselves and the quality of the services they offer to their guests.

These hotels of Gatteo Mare have swimming pool, bar, large common areas, parking, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, TV in room and much more, with particular attention to everything that has to do with cuisine: breakfast , lunch and dinner are memorable moments of the holiday that in each 3-star hotel are made of quality and creative tasty dishes.

The dining room service of the 3- star hotels in Gatteo Mare is then exactly what everyone imagines: waiters serious at work but  likeable in their soul, with a smile always on their lips, fastly serving every wish on enchanting design dishes.

The hotel cuisine is full of chefs and professional cook’s assistants who love their work and prepare every dish with all the love for culinary art typical of the 3- star hotels of Gatteo Mare.

And all the rest of the staff, from bartenders to secretaries and managers, represents the most true and warm reception of Romagna, that you will certainly find in the 3- star hotels of Gatteo Mare.