Holidays in the hotel for bicycle riders of Gatteo Mare for a Summer in the saddle

Cycling is one of the most popular sports in Romagna, that’s why in cities like Gatteo Mare we can find hotels equipped for the reception of bicycle riders, to whom are dedicated specific services and reasonable prices.

All the hotels suitable to host tourists on two wheels – in this case wheels without engine – provide the common services of the hotels of Gatteo Mare, plus other services specifically aimed at safekeeping the precious customers’bicycles.

Sorry but there are currently no corresponding structures at this location. Why not take a look at the other hotel Cyclists on the Adriatic Coast ?

In these hotels for bicycle riders of Gatteo Mare you can indeed find well guarded and safe private parkings, but also tools to fix, repair and clean your bicycles.

The managers of the hotels for bicycle riders also have the right contacts with retailers, cycling shops and shops selling sports equipment in Gatteo Mare, that can always turn out useful.

In this city, incredibly close to many classic tracks that cross Romagna from coast to foothills - among which stands out Carpegna mountain, on which Marco Pantani used to train - we find hotels and guesthouses of different prestige and dimension for bicycle riders.

The most popular are 3-star hotels for bicycle riders, but there are also 4-star accommodation facilities, where a little bit of luxury and wellness is added to your holiday in Gatteo Mare, and also many bed & breakfast.

The bed&breakfast of Gatteo Mare are particularly appreciated by bicycle riders who very often spend long hours away from their room, and prefer to enjoy their holiday on the saddle of their bike rather than in hotel. Matter of taste, of course.

However, what all the hotels of Gatteo Mare equipped to accommodate bicycle riders and sportsmen have in common is the abundant breakfast, with fruit and delicacies of all kinds, to give the athletes all the energy they need to face the challenging and enjoyable sports days.

Along the tracks that branch off from Gatteo Mare you can find restaurants and bars equipped to offer delicious and high protein meals to the bicycle riders who every day venture into the popular streets of Romagna, those where not only passes the Tour of Italy, but also all the passion and strength of one of the most beautiful sports in the world.