Hotels for Celiacs in Gatteo Mare, good cuisine without contraindications

Sea, fun and good food, these are three of the main reasons why every year many people choose to spend their holidays in the hotels of Gatteo Mare.

In particular, the cuisine of Gatteo Mare boasts an ancient tradition and high quality local products with menus both for celiacs and people who cannot digest it all or for people who are allergic to certain foods, such as those containing gluten or nickel.

Sorry but there are currently no corresponding structures at this location. Why not take a look at the other hotel Celiacs on the Adriatic Coast ?

There are many hotels for celiacs in Gatteo Mare, in order to satisfy also the needs of these guests.

These accommodation facilities offer, all day long, from breakfast to the afternoon snack and to dinner, gluten-free menus cooked by chefs expert in preparing tasty dishes even for those who have to omit certain foods from their diet.

All  the Hotels for celiacs of Gatteo Mare have an AIC certification (Italian Celiac Association), which guarantees the safety and quality of products,menus and of the hotel cuisine. In these hotels for celiacs of Gatteo Mare there are of course also common meat and fish menus, with classic bread and local products, all this in order for those who go on holiday together with people allergic to gluten not to deprive themselves of anything.

In the hotels for celiacs of Gatteo Mare also people intolerant to nickel often request special menus or specific modifications to  typical dishes.

All this always ends up in a hotel for celiacs, where the kitchen is equipped for every need, eventuality and intolerance suffered by guests; you just have to tell about it to the hotel receptionist in order to solve the problem and have a a customized gluten-free menu or a specific menu for people suffering from food intolerances.

There are no other differences with the typical hotels of Gatteo Mare. Also the hotels for celiacs are indeed provided with swimming pool, garage, Wi-Fi and many other services, with the certainty to eat only things included in a special diet for gluten intolerance.