Hotels in Gatteo Mare with Wi-Fi connection, Holidays online

In the era of Internet, nobody can no longer do without Wi-Fi connection, social networks, forums, blogs and all the digital oddities that have so strongly entered our daily lives.

It happens, therefore, that, even on vacation in the Wi-fi hotels of Gatteo Mare, you are  moved by the incredible desire to communicate and connect with the rest of the world and with your own network of friends, sharing photos,videos, thoughts and stories concerning your seaside holiday.

Hotel Spiaggia Gatteo Mare

Located directly on the beach in the center of the town, newly renovated rooms, private secure parking, children’s entertainment and much, much more… All this is the service of Spiaggia...
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Hotel Levante Gatteo Mare

Located directly on the beach in Gatteo Mare, Hotel Levante is a 2 star hotel perfect for your holiday in the Adriatic Riviera. Many attentions make this hotel an obvious...
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Hotel Metropol Gatteo Mare

The Metropol Hotel, 3 stars in Gatteo Mare is located directly on the seafront and just two minutes from the city center. The Hotel Metropol Gatteo Mare is run by...
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The hotels with Wi-Fi connection of Gatteo Mare meet just this uncontrollable desire, allowing you to connect for free with your Smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The free access to the web is today a basic service for most hotels of Romagna, but to be really sure of being able to upload and download endless amounts of GB, you’d better search on the hotels of Gatteo Mare that offer free Wi-Fi service.

However, in case you don’t have a Smartphone or a pc with a Wi-fi connection, many accommodation facilities have a small internet point, where it will be easy and fast for you  to tell your own experiences via facebook or Twitter, or maybe publish a new post in your own personal blog.

In fact every year lots of tourists take photographs on the beach and shoot funny moments on the paddle boat or in the avenues of Gatteo Mare, so that the first thing they ask as they come back to the hotel is  to have access to a Wi-fi network .

And so, among the many icons that appear on the Internet websites and brochures of the best hotels of Gatteo Mare, we also find the Wi-Fi icon, which guarantees a further added value to the hotel.

Another  reason to choose a specific hotel rather than another in the beautiful setting of Gatteo Mare.