Restaurants and Nightclubs in Gatteo Mare,yummy!

In all periods of the year, and especially during the summer season, the restaurants of Gatteo Mare are filled with tourists voracious of the best local cuisine. Tourists who sometimes choose these restaurants as an alternative to the usual lunch or dinner in the city hotels.

All the restaurants of Gatteo Mare have kitchens always clean, ready and equipped to prepare at any time of the day, one of the many delicacies that have made unique the cuisine of Romagna.

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In the many restaurants scattered a bit everywhere in Gatteo Mare you can find the best meat, fish, vegetarian or even exotic menus.

Many of them are located right on the promenade of Gatteo Mare, overlooking the blue waves of the Adriatic Sea, other restaurants instead prefer downtown colours and lights or the main avenues that cross the city and connect it with the nearby tourist destinations.

Other restaurants of Gatteo Mare instead are hidden in the urban surroundings and are therefore characterized by intimacy and silence, away from the summer din.

All the restaurants and pubs of Gatteo Mare, which differ both for menus and location, use the best products, many of which directly come from the land of Romagna and from the Adriatic Sea, as many kinds of meat, oil, wine, vegetables and, of course, blue fish.

In recent years, in Gatteo Mare have been opened restaurants that have little to do with local cuisine, like Japanese, Thai, Greek restaurants and restaurants with cuisine of several other areas of the world, which represent a further alternative and opportunity to always taste new things. To not ever get bored, even when it’s about dining.

Finally, there are, of course, many possibilities to  eat the local product par excellence: the piadina.

Both in the small pubs and restaurants of Gatteo Mare, piadina can be filled with whatever you prefer, because, believe it or not, everything, every food and deliciousness of any culture and background, always wonderfully combines with piadina.