Apartment hotels in Milano Marittima, apartments to enjoy at best your holidays in Milano Marittima

To those people who prefer to stay in apartment hotel rather than in hotel, Milano Marittima offers a wide selection of apartments, bed & breakfast and spacious facilities with a range of prices, solutions, comforts, services and locations within the city.

In Milano Marittima, the V.I.P. city par excellence of Romagna, you can both find 2,3, 4-star apartment hotels and extremely cheap apartment hotels, some of them with bar in the hall or outdoor swimming pool.

Sorry but there are currently no corresponding structures at this location. Why not take a look at the other hotel on the Adriatic Coast ?

In Milano Marittima  you can find apartments of all sizes, for large families and groups of friends, often with adjacent or even connected rooms, with or without balcony. Many also have a laundry service and parking for motorcycles, cars, bicycles, surfboards.

The apartment prices are calculated according to their size, prestige, offered services and location. These apartments are in fact located very close to the promenade of Milano Marittima, near the old town centre or far from the city chaos. All the apartment hotels have in common the fact of being easily connected by public transport with the focal points of the city.

A few steps and in a blink of an eye you will find the first bus stop that can take you to any destination not only in Milano Marittima but also in the other major cities of Romagna, as Cesenatico, Rimini and Riccione. The apartment hotels are also connected with the most important amusement parks of the the Riviera of Romagna.

Some apartment hotels are located close to restaurants or food stores, in order to please both those who want to eat out every day and those who instead are good at cooking.

All the apartments of the apartment hotels of Milano Marittima are in fact equipped with a kitchen or kitchenette with everything you need to prepare any dish “at home”.

They are real homes, located a few steps from the sea, in one of the finest cities of the Adriatic coast, real apartments where to spend a funny, wild and unforgettable holiday in Milano Marittima.