We are sorry but at the moment there are no matching events in this location. Why not take a look at the other events in the Adriatic Coast?

Surely one of the most expected events of the summer in Milano Marittima is the Pink Night weekend, on the first week of July. Every year, on this occasion, defined as summer New Year’s Eve, are organized concerts, events, theatre, musical and beauty performances. The Pink Night in Milano Marittima turns the whole city into a big candy where thousands of people laugh and have fun until the morning.

Do not forget the Midsummer Holiday events in the hottest period of the tourist season, characterized by fireworks and hundreds of parties in every corner of Milano Marittima. Then there are midweek dinners and opportunities for fun, from themed evenings to local markets and many events that bring joy and attractions.

Moreover every summer are organized concerts of great big Italian and foreign singers that make crowds of people go wild with the best sound of the moment.

In Milano Marittima are also organized sports and cultural events, from the major challenges of water sports such as sailing, swimming and kitesurf, to art exhibitions that highlight both local artists and big international names. So there are events for all tastes, intended for those who love live music and for people who instead prefer moments related to art and literature.

And all is surrounded by the warm atmosphere of Milano Marittima, the V.I.P. city that delights and amazes V.I.P.s in its every square meter.