Hotels with pets allowed in Milano Marittima

Year after year in Romagna increases the number of hotels that allow you to bring your pets on vacation, offering adequate services and areas dedicated to them. Indeed there is an increasing number of tourists who want to stay in the pet friendly hotels of Milano Marittima, where small size dogs and cats are allowed.

After all, the sea air is healthy also for them. If you stay in a pet friendly hotel of Milano Marittima you will not have to worry about leaving your puppy at home, entrusted to relatives or to some acquaintances.

Thanks to the pet friendly hotels you can therefore spend a vacation in Milano Marittima in the company of your faithful friend.

The holidays for pets today represent a real travel frontier; unfortunately there are still few tourist destinations that have adequate hotels and comfortable situations for families, children and animals.

But Romagna, and particularly Milano Marittima, the V.I.P. city that for over 60 years has provided tourists with many quality services, opportunities for recreation, entertainment, relaxation and tranquility, is one of the best equipped resorts among the maritime destinations around the world.

To bring your dogs and cats on vacation in Milano Marittima, in a 4-star or 3-star hotel or even a guesthouse or bed & breakfast where pets are allowed, is a further opportunity for leisure and tranquility.

These hotels in Milano Marittima are provided with the services, contacts and veterinary assistance necessary to guarantee comfort, safety and happiness to your four legged friends. After all they deserve a seaside holiday like us.

Like us, they deserve to run in the parks of the cities of Romagna, relax in the special beaches of Milano Marittima equipped for animals and  wander along the downtown streets or along the promenade of the most striking city of the Adriatic Coast.