Discos and nightclubs in Misano Adriatico

Misano Adriatico is  not just made of sea and relaxation, it is also – and especially – a mix of sleepless nights and pure fun in the many discos of the Riviera of Romagna.

All this of course thanks to the numerous and famous discos in Misano Adriatico and Riccione that attract the many young people who every summer decide to spend their holidays in this fantastic location.

We are sorry but at the moment there are no corresponding activity in this location.

The fun in Misano Adriatico is multifaceted: absolute peace of mind for all families and crazy nights in the discos and nightclubs for young people.

The most famous nightclubs in the world are nestled between the hills of the City, just at the border with Riccione and peer out with their beacon in the sky, inviting you to spend unforgettable nights with theme parties for all the music lovers and Djs of international fame.

At day-time on the beach and at night-time in the most popular discos and nightclubs of the Riviera, all this in one of the most beautiful cities of Romagna, where every night becomes a magical New Year's Eve, and people gather in the discos to dance and let loose until dawn.

Nightclubs with pop music, rock, punk, retro and house music in Misano Adriatico to satisfy the tastes of all, from alternative to more conformist young people, although united by a common and indisputable line : healthy fun.

In fact, last but not least, all the nightclubs and discos in Misano Adriatico are safeguarded to prevent some party pooper to sneak in and cause some damage, compromising the success of the event .

No other location can offer you a better service, with an exemplary commitment in order for your holidays to be spent at best, as you always dreamed of. No doubt, only in Misano Adriatico you can enjoy yourself so much: so, hurry up to have fun in the discos and nightclubs of Misano Adriatico!