1-star Hotels in Misano Adriatico, cheap and cosy hotels.

Misano Adriatico offers a wide choice of hotels, such as the very comfortable and affordable 1-star hotels.

These 1-star hotels in Misano Adriatico are indeed family-run accommodation facilities, a feature now rare to find due to the significant increase of large and dispersive structures.

Sorry but there are currently no corresponding structures at this location. Why not take a look at the other hotel 1 Star on the Adriatic Coast ?

Thanks to the family-run management, the one star hotels of Misano Adriatico pretty well meet the needs of guests in search of tranquility, warmth and affordable prices for their holidays.

Small facilities with an unequalled familiarity: this is the secret of the small 1-star hotels in Misano Adriatico that are careful to all details, in order to make unique every single holiday, and are able to compensate the absence of some small comfort with kindness and cordiality,  basic requirements for a pleasant stay.

Among the services provided by the 1-star hotels we should mention air conditioning in common areas, leisure and knowledge areas and an excellent local cuisine, result of both the culinary experience of Romagna and the commitment of the family who manages this important hotel aspect.

The services of the 1- star hotels of Misano Adriatico are as good as those of the certainly much more expensive luxurious hotels, that are less involved in their guests’ activities and needs.

In Misano Adriatico the 1-star hotels are really suitable for all, from families with children in search of a period of relaxation without spending too much money that, you know, if you have children is never enough, to groups of young people looking for a funny low cost holiday with their friends in one of the hotels of the most popular resorts of the Riviera.

The 1-star hotels in Misano are the ideal place where to make new acquaintances and long-lasting friendships that will make you come back to the same accommodation facilities to spend your next summer holidays.

In the hotels of Misano Adriatico all this is possible thanks to the mix of family management and innovation and to their special hospitality and services.