Hotels for bicycle riders in Misano Adriatico, a summer in shape

Among the most popular sports in Romagna, cycling plays an important role in Misano Adriatico, also with regard to hotels and guesthouses equipped for bicycle riders, specifically designed for sportsmen. to whom are dedicated specific prices and services.

Obviously the structures designed to ensure maximum comfort to bicycle riders offer the same services of the other hotels in Misano Adriatico, although with some peculiarities that make them the perfect hotels for the reception of all bicycle riders.

Hotel Sole Misano Adriatico

Dreaming of a beach holiday in the cozy Adriatic coast? Sole like sun! Hotel Sole in Misano Adriatico is waiting to offer an ideal characterized by cordiality and familiarity. Completely...
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Hotel Aurora Misano Adriatico

The Hotel Aurora is family-run, it offers a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere just 250 meters from the beach, in a quiet and prestigious area. Thanks to its strategic location is...
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The hotels for bicycle riders in Misano Adriatico are indeed equipped with secure parking where to deposit bicycles, in order to avoid any kind of unpleasant theft to the equipment that, purchased for business purposes, is really high priced.

In addition to this basic aspect, these hotels for bicycle riders are equipped with all the tools necessary for the maintenance and repair of bicycles, ranging from the punctured tire to other issues that may arise as a result of a workout or a race.

Misano Adriatico lends itself to the passage of well-known bike trails, that’s why the presence of hotels with the above mentioned features is of basic importance, and they are therefore equipped with quality and inimitable services addressed to bicycle riders, being expert in the field of cycling and seriously integrated in the cycling perspective .

The most popular hotels for bicycle riders in Misano Adriatico are bed&breakfast, practical for the continual arrivals and departures typical of bicycle riders and incredibly low priced; there are also structures with a little extra luxury, including three or four-star hotels , able to relax every sportsman after a hard day's workout.

Then, along the cycling routes in the surroundings of Misano Adriatico there are restaurants typical or specialized in sports diet, perfect for the more diligent bicycle riders who certainly do not intend to mess up their habits while not at home.

Great services for one of the most fascinating sports ever in the hotels for bicycle riders of Misano Adriatico!