Hotels for Celiacs in Misano Adriatico. Food intolerances on holiday are not a problem!

Every summer Misano Adriatico hosts millions of tourists from all over Italy, Europe and the World. It is therefore faced with a multitude of flavours, tastes , habits, desires and even needs. Among these, the needs of people suffering from celiac disease, allergic or with difficulties in digesting foods containing gluten or percentages of it.

There is an increasing number of celiac people and therefore an increasing number of hotels in Misano Adriatico that do their best in order to meet the many and always different needs and habits of guests suffering from gluten intolerance.

Sorry but there are currently no corresponding structures at this location. Why not take a look at the other hotel Celiacs on the Adriatic Coast ?

The hotels for celiacs in Misano Adriatico, certified by the Italian Celiac Association (AIC), serve tasty gluten-free menus, prepared by the professional hotel chefs and embellished with traditional specialties from Romagna.

In the hotel for celiacs there are of course also usual menus to satisfy even other guests and parents or friends of people with gluten intolerance.

Other special cuisine services are reserved to people suffering from other food intolerances, such as allergy to nickel, a reality seriously considered by all the hotels for celiacs of Misano Adriatico.

There are therefore hotel menus to suit all tastes and needs, with tasty dishes for celiacs, people intolerant for nickel and also people who, fortunately, can eat anything.

In the hotels for celiacs in Misano Adriatico there are therefore  the classic menus inspired by the traditional cuisine of Romagna that can be found in every restaurant or any hotel specific for food intolerances

Breakfasts, lunches and dinners, buffets included, therefore propose tasty solutions to suit all tastes and needs.

There are no barriers in the gluten free hotels of Misano Adriatico, where everyone eats well and everything is good.

So everyone is happy. And this is the most important thing, both on holiday in the hotels for celiacs of Misano Adriatico and in your everyday life.