Hotels with swimming pool in Misano Adriatico

If you are looking for a hotel equipped with swimming pool in Misano Adriatico, you can go to a three or four star hotel, always equipped with a comfortable and large swimming pool.

The convenience of the hotels with swimming pool in Misano Adriatico is indisputable, and on vacation represents an added value that will increase the opportunities for recreation and entertainment, relaxation and tranquillity, all in the name of safety in the supervised and always clean swimming pools.

Hotel Aurora Misano Adriatico

The Hotel Aurora is family-run, it offers a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere just 250 meters from the beach, in a quiet and prestigious area. Thanks to its strategic location is...
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Perfect for those who prefer not to swim in the open sea waters, the swimming pools of the hotels in Misano Adriatico are extremely convenient for families with children who like to spend time in the water and prefer the safety and limited space of a pool to the open sea, or want to freshen up before dinner after a day spent on the beach.

But there are people who, as true lovers of unconditional relaxation, desire to bask all day by the pool with a good book and a glass of iced tea.

The indoor swimming pool is now one of the most sought after services by the tourists who come to Misano Adriatico, as practical and comfortable, suitable to everyone and close to the hotel, therefore reachable in two steps, in the true sense of the word.

In Misano Adriatico there are all kinds of swimming pools : round or rectangular, with different depths or temperatures – ambient or heated - with whirlpool, slides and waterfalls ... in short, there is something for all tastes.

So if the sea gets too tiring, you can spend half of the day on the beach of Misano Adriatico and the other half of the day in the wonderful hotel pool, where children and adults can dive in and go wild inventing funny water games, in the safety of an environment supervised by the hotel lifeguards.

You just have to imagine to be in a hotel of Misano Adriatico enjoying a cocktail by the pool with your feet in water, perhaps with your beloved person, or with a good friend with whom to have a little talk; imagine the tranquility and silence, impossible on the beach; imagine a water  always clean and at the right temperature, never too hot and never too cold; imagine things like that, that can be found in the best hotels with swimming pool of Misano Adriatico, the same listed on these pages.