1-star hotels in Riccione, saving and simplicity

You don’t always have to necessarily spend prohibitive amounts or book in the most exclusive hotels of the coast to experience Riccione at best. If you are young or very young and traveling with a group of friends, or in case you are a family whose motto is “minimum cost, maximum yield“, the 1-star hotels in Riccione are a perfect solution for you.

Hotel San Pietro Riccione

Hotel San Pietro di Riccione is located in the city center, in a quiet location close to the beach and Ceccarini Avenue, known for the quality shopping in its stores...
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The 1-star guesthouses of Riccione are famous for the typical warmth and hospitality of Romagna guaranteed by the presence of the owners who directly manage the hotel, look after the cuisine and take care of the reception of guests, who, especially in the guesthouses of Riccione, are really treated as friends.

Against simple basic rooms that are however provided with all the most valuable services, the guesthouses of Riccione are characterized by an authentic and genuine atmosphere, full of sympathy and dishes in the name of true local gastronomy: you always gladly come back again to the 1-star hotels in Riccione as they are small structures with a few rooms, and therefore the managers are definitely more attentive to whatever you might need.

Thanks to their proximity to the beach and all the main city and coastal amenities, the 
1-star hotels in Riccione are the ideal base to explore the Green Pearl without wasting time with the options of your accommodation: the special offers and the reductions on 3rd and 4th bed will make it an ideal solution for young people who want to fully enjoy the night of Riccione. Have  a look at the 1-star hotels in Riccione on Informa-hotel.com!