Try now the 2-star hotels of Riccione: genuineness and convenience!

The cheap hotels in Riccione include a variety of accommodation facilities suitable to meet the needs of tourists careful to comfort but above all to the quality-price ratio.

Renowned for their attention to traditions and for the friendliness of the staff, the 2-star hotels of Riccione are perfect for tourists looking for a quiet holiday on the Adriatic coast without sacrificing to stay in one of the most famous and elegant coastal resorts.

Hotel Trieste Riccione

Hotel Trieste is located a few meters from the sea in the central area in Riccione. Offering all the amenities, features standard rooms, comfort, family and deluxe rooms. Upon your...
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Hotel Grazia Riccione

The Grazia Hotel is a charming 2 star hotel located just 50 meters from the sea. Its location is enviable because it is close to all major attractions of the...
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On you can easily find the special offers and detailed description for the best 2- star hotels in Riccione, so as to compare directly from home the prices and services included and always make a careful choice.

2 star hotels in Riccione is primarily synonym with authenticity and likeability: you will be welcomed by an always pleasant atmosphere and a cuisine among the best ever, thanks to the direct supervision of the owners who often lend a hand in the kitchen, ensuring full compliance with the most authentic traditions of Romagna.

In the cheap hotels of Riccione then there are playful moments such as dances with live music or dinners with typical local dishes which are proposed periodically to give even more luster to the authentic flavours of this province.

And if you don’t want to leave anything to chance, choose the All Inclusive packages, which in addition to the full board will provide drinks at meals and beach service (sun beds and umbrellas) included in the price throughout the duration of your stay!