Time for shopping in Riccione: the best tips to go shopping

For the lovers of unbridled shopping there can be no better destination than Riccione, the capital not only of discos and fun but also of fashion with its exclusive shops.

Of course, the cornerstone of shopping in Riccione focuses around Viale Ceccarini, symbol of the city, where there are many designer shops and very famous and exclusive fashion brands stores, and where you can make purchases of any kind, but always classy.

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Also Viale Dante, one of the most famous and colourful city pedestrian avenues, is full of small shops selling everything from clothes to beach equipment, beach toys, lingerie, bathing suits, shoes and much more.

There you can enjoy your shopping in Riccione without being afraid of spending too much: in fact, prices are much more affordable, but quality is never neglected and allows you to do anyway good purchases.

That's why so many people choose Riccione as their holiday destination: moreover, the proximity to the new shopping centre Perla Verde, easily reachable by the motorway exit or through the convenient system of city bike paths, makes it the ideal destination for those who want to combine a full immersion in sea and sun with the right dose of shopping and entertainment.

The shopping avenues in Riccione are also rich in entertainment venues, pubs and restaurants to suit all tastes: an attractive solution to combine love for cuisine with love for exactly right purchases.

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