Rimini: endless ways for your shopping!

If you love shopping and want to rely on a guide always up to date on the best stores in Rimini and immediate surroundings in this section you will find exactly what is right for you.

The chances to make purchases are almost unlimited and range from clothing to pottery, souvenirs, jewelry and sophisticated electronics.

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If you do not want to drive to the far but equipped shopping centres in the Republic of San Marino, on the city waterfront or in the old town centre of clear Roman origins you can rely on miles and miles of stores and colourful bazaars selling everything: suntan creams, swimsuits, games for children, but also clothes of the most famous brands and unique creative craft stores selling truly special souvenirs made of wood, shells or other natural elements.

In Rimini there is also a flourishing footwear production, which will allow you to make good purchases at affordable prices especially if you go to the big shopping centre Le Befane, a few kilometres west of the old town centre, along the Adriatic Highway: there you can find stores selling clothing, footwear, jewelry, watches, gift ideas in addition to numerous snack bars and a multiplex where every night up to 13 films are screened at the same time.

There's really something for all tastes and budgets: if for instance you love designer brands and high fashion, you should spend an afternoon doing shopping in the old town centre: along Corso d'Augusto there are infact stores of Armani, Luisa Spagnoli and many more.