Hotels for celiacs in San Mauro Mare: zero gluten, much taste!

San Mauro Mare is a holiday resort on the Riviera of Romagna, suitable to satisfy tourists also from the food and wine point of view. San Mauro Mare overlooks the Adriatic Sea and is the ideal place to spend a holiday with your friends or with your family.

Do you want to stay in modern, cutting edge hotels, also from the point of view of nutrition? The hotels for celiacs in San Mauro Mare are just conceived for people suffering from food allergies or celiac disease.

Sorry but there are currently no corresponding structures at this location. Why not take a look at the other hotel Celiacs on the Adriatic Coast ?

In the hotels for celiacs of San Mauro Mare you will find a qualified staff and the professionalism necessary to offer a quality service that can meet the needs of all types of customers, whether they suffer from food allergies, nickel allergy or celiac disease. 

In fact, the hotels for celiacs in San Mauro Mare know how important is, for those suffering from celiac disease, to sit at the table and safely enjoy delicacies prepared with care and attention.

All this, in comfortable and quiet resorts, with beaches of fine sand, easily accessible from all directions.

Moreover the hotels for celiacs in San Mauro Mare offer services for all budgets and welcome their guests with first class hospitality: the three star hotels ,with their excellent price/quality ratio, and the luxurious four star hotels have the common desire to offer a memorable holiday - even at the table - to all types of guests.

And the hotels for celiacs in San Mauro Mare won’t let you miss anything: their daily commitment will be to offer people suffering from gluten intolerance a tasty cuisine,  including hearty breakfasts, buffets of appetizers, vegetables and desserts, pasta dishes and second  courses cooked by creative and skilled chefs.

The hotels for celiacs in San Mauro Mare aim for making everyone taste the delicacies that have made the cuisine of Romagna famous around the world.


Hotels for celiacs in San Mauro Mare: where safety meets taste!