Adriatic Riviera 1-star Hotels

In the 1-star hotels on the Riviera of Romagna you can spend seaside holidays in full relaxation, without having to pay the dreaded stratospheric prices.

Hotel San Pietro Riccione

Hotel San Pietro di Riccione is located in the city center, in a quiet location close to the beach and Ceccarini Avenue, known for the quality shopping in its stores...
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Hotel Donatella Rimini Torre Pedrera

The guesthouse Donatella, completely renovated hostel is located in a quiet area and close to the sea. Equipped with all modern comforts, rooms with bath and intercom, distinguished atmosphere and...
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All those who say that seaside holidays are expensive and not affordable by everyone certainly have never been at  a family-run 1 star hotel in one of the most renowned cities of Romagna, like Rimini, Riccione, Cesenatico, Cattolica or Gatteo Mare.

These are the resorts that have always lived on tourism, exploiting all the opportunities offered both by the sea and by the hills at the back, places where tradition and past have never been forgotten and are recalled in the way of cooking, welcoming tourists and making them happy.

In the 1-star Hotels on the Riviera of Romagna you are immersed in the intimacy of small and comfortable accommodation facilities, always located in quiet areas, far from urban chaos.

At 1-star hotels you will find the main comforts, such as bar, air conditioning in common areas,safe and, sometimes, also parking.