Hotels and boarding Houses for Celiacs on the Adriatic Riviera

The celiac disease is an intolerance to gluten, a protein substance that can be found in wheat, hulled wheat, kamut, barley, rye, spelt flour, oat and triticale. In Italy is estimated that out of 100 people, one of them is subject to this intolerance., in collaboration with  the Italian Celiac Association, has thought to list the hotels suitable to accommodate people suffering from celiac disease.

Hotel Trieste Riccione

Hotel Trieste is located a few meters from the sea in the central area in Riccione. Offering all the amenities, features standard rooms, comfort, family and deluxe rooms. Upon your...
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Hotel Aurea Bellaria

Since 1954 the Quadrelli family has always stood for the courtesy and attention paid to the needs of all their host; book a holiday at the hotel Aurea Bellaria, and...
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Hotel Perla Gabicce Mare

The beauty of Gabicce with the green promontory overlooking the sea, awaits you at the Perla Hotel, an informal hotel, where the family Ubalducci welcomes its guests with a genuine...
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Angelini Club Hotel Bellaria

The Club Hotel Angelini is set in Bellaria, on the sea, a short walk from the center. News: New Internet Point, Wi-Fi access points, and Game Point! A comfortable and...
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In order to cure the celiac disease you have to exclude from your diet some of the most common aliments such as bread, pasta, biscuits and pizza, but also to remove the smallest traces of flour from any dish. This implies a strong effort of nutrition education. Indeed the consumption of gluten, even in small doses, can cause damages.

A gluten free rigorous diet is the only therapy ensuring a perfect state of health to people suffering from celiac disease.

Even going on holiday may be problematic for people afflicted by gluten intolerance, that’s why in collaboration with AIC (Italian Association Celiac Disease) makes available this web portal section called “Hotels for people afflicted by Celiac Disease”  in order to better inform people afflicted by gluten intolerance about their nutrition outside home (hotels, supermarkets, restaurants).

Obviously not all hotels and boarding houses are equipped for this tourist typology. The AIC has developed a project joined by hotels and boarding houses able to serve gluten free meals; they can be considered specialized in this sector only if: 1) they have attended a course organized by the Regional AIC (Italian Association Celiac Disease) about gluten free nutrition and  Celiac Disease; 2) they have completed the training with other courses/meetings organized by the Regional AIC; 3) they receive the informative documentation concerning the Association; 4) they allow cyclical checks by the Regional AIC; 5) they use products with ministerial notification, listed in the National Register of gluten-free foods of the  Ministry of Health and/or products listed in the AIC Food Vademecum; 6) they guarantee the gluten non-contamination from the production process up to: the breakfast table service; the meal table service.

With and AIC (Italian Association Celiac Disease) you can trustfully choose your Hotel for people afflicted by Celiac diseas, without worries!