The Riviera of Romagna Thermal centers: Rimini Thermal Center, Riccione Thermal Center, Cervia Thermal Center.

The Riviera of Romagna is the ideal holiday destination in every period of the year. Certainly for the sea but also for the many thermal establishments that exploit the healthy properties of the Adriatic coast thermal waters.

This since 1876 with the opening of the first thermal establishment in Rimini; then were also built: the Thermal Center of Punta Marina, the Wellness Park of Riccione, the Thermal Centers of Cervia and Lido delle Nazioni.

You will enjoy muds and thalassotherapy, massages and stone therapy, steam bath and acquagym.

Many Health and Wellness Hotels were built in Riccione, associated and in agreement with thermal establishments; every year they accommodate full many tourists who want to relax and regenerate their body and mind.

And all this opens the door to a whole world dedicated to relax... yoga, meditation, themed events and many other events whose key word is just "wellness". There are events literally organized from dawn to dusk: it starts with “The wellness dawns ” wonderful sailing cruises to enjoy dawn on the sea, workshops, seminars and belly dance by day; by night, meetings on the beach to “find onelselves” and relax. 

Many Health and Wellness Hotels of Rimini, Cervia, Ravenna and Ferrara have an agreement with Wellness Card, in order for their guests to get discounts and special terms on services.