The discos of Bellaria Igea Marina are waiting for you!

Do you want to enjoy your holidays at best even when the sun sets and the beach is no longer available for a tan?

For you then the ideal way to enjoy nightlife are parties on the beach organized by chiringuitos and outdoor pubs on the promenade of Bellaria Igea Marina, where you can sip cocktails of the latest trends from late afternoon to the dead of night.

We are sorry but at the moment there are no corresponding activity in this location.

In this regard we cannot forget the many discos of Bellaria Igea Marina: among these, the Becky Bay multi-purpose outdoor area is very popular among young people, being located directly on the beach and allowing you to listen to great live music and participate in a variety of events while sipping a drink under the stars.

Talking about Bellaria Igea Marina nightlife, among discos we cannot forget the Rio Grande, open all year round with its three dance floors of rock and commercial music and its live concerts.

One of the most popular discos of Bellaria Igea Marina is the Piazza, a famous disco dinner located in the Isola dei Platani and privileged place for concerts of nationally renowned groups and dj sets among the most interesting of Italy.

The Piazza is considered one of the most prestigious discos of Bellaria Igea Marina for the exclusive atmosphere of its stylish New York inspired halls with crystal chandeliers and the refined annexed restaurant with cutting-edge preparations.

Of course the many discos and clubs  of Bellaria Igea Marina are also characterized by themed events that host cover bands or specific genres, for instance house, techno or 80s music.

The Riviera never sleeps: don’t miss amusement and nightlife in the discos of Bellaria Igea Marina!