We are sorry but at the moment there are no matching events in this location. Why not take a look at the other events in the Adriatic Coast?

Among the events of Bellaria Igea Marina not to be missed are the days dedicated to psychophysical wellness organized on the beach from 15th June to 25th August: they include meetings, seminars, meditation, guided readings, creative workshops, dance, bionatural disciplines, sweet gym and much more.

For young people, instead, in the same period are organized summer camps, with both individual and group sports and recreational activities, creative workshops, juggling, theater, shows and much fun.

But we shouldn’t forget art, so, among the most important events of Bellaria Igea Marina we cannot forget the Summer Tour (Giro dell'Estate), a kermesse based on shows, dance, theater, improvisation, classic music, jazz music and operetta hosted in the suggestive atmosphere of the old hamlet.

There will also be more original initiatives, as the Feast of the Fried Fish or "Read a book, eat an ice cream and come to the cinema at a discounted price!", valid also for the day following the purchases.

Finally among the more exciting events of Bellaria Igea Marina we can also remember the summer masked carnival, from 25th to 27th july, with  parades of floats and masks, shows and music that will end with a  magnificent party on the beach.

There’s something for everyone’s liking and, thanks to the events and shows of Bellaria Igea Marina, it will be an easy game for you to have fun in a different way every night!