Guide to the restaurants of Bellaria Igea Marina: not to be missed!

For all those that want to spend their summer holidays in the cozy Bellaria Igea Marina, a resort just north of Rimini which combines relaxation, comforts and services, is strongly suggested to consult the complete and up to date guide to the best pubs of its surroundings.

Among these stand out with no doubts the restaurants of Bellaria Igea Marina, usually located in the city promenade and renowned for their fish and meat specialties and much more.

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How can we forget, for instance, the many restaurants of Bellaria Igea Marina, offering the best local fish,  prepared in a tasty and creative way or, otherwise, in compliance with the most typical Romagna tradition? Or the pizzerias with wood oven where a quick service is associated with the courtesy of the staff, always helpful and ready to take over backwards to meet your needs.

Finally, very popular  are the family-run restaurants of Bellaria Igea Marina, with Romagna traditional cuisine: from  piadina to cassoni, meat and home made old-fashioned main courses, among the restaurants of Bellaria Igea Marina this typology is the one that best pleases foodies in a cozy and moderate atmosphere.

Among the most famous restaurants of Bellaria Igea Marina we can remember Capitan Bagati, for fish lovers, the Picchio Verde, for those who prefer special piadina and homemade cassoni, and also the restaurants cooking pizza for their excellent pizzas baked in a wooden oven.

We shouldn’t obviously forget the many pubs on the promenade that offer drinks, live shows and fast food to get ready for a night at a disco.

If you wish to spend  an unordinary night while staying at one of the many hotels on the seaside, our advice is to book one of the charming restaurants of Bellaria Igea Marina: it will be wortwhile!