Shopping in Bellaria Igea Marina, the best shops

Bellaria Igea Marina, once old fishing village, is today a modern tourist town, surrounded by greenery, that has been able to maintain a livable dimension.

The streets of  Bellaria Igea Marina city center are real outdoor living rooms rich in shops and trendy boutiques; everything is made even more pleasant by the presence of bar and restaurants open all night long, gladdening the shopping of those people who move to pedestrian areas between the park and the sea.

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In the shops and bazars on Bellaria Igea Marina promenade you’ll really find everything: clothing, craftmanship, accessories, toys for children…... you won’t easily resist the temptation to make some useful or futile purchase! 

For shopping lovers, in Bellaria Igea Marina are also set up pretty outdoor markets, good alternative to shops, extending along the center pedestrian areas or on the promenade, and making more pleasant the tourists’ evening walk: here you can find cheap ethnic souvenirs, unusual handicrafts or simply the typical natural products of Romagna cuisine for your wine&food shopping.

In this regard don’t forget the weekly market of Bellaria Igea Marina every Wednesday morning and Friday evening, offering every kind of merchandise, perfect for your holiday shopping: clothing, gastronomy, gifts, footwear and much more.

The real shopping maniacs should absolutely go to the big shopping center Iper Romagna Center, located just a few minutes drive from Bellaria Igea Marina, on the state highway to Ravenna, which is a real commercial citadel with every kind of shops, restaurants and a multiplex. In the shops of Bellaria Igea Marina you will be spoilt for choice for your shopping in Riviera!