The towns of Bellaria and Igea Marina: their history

The name “Bellaria” first appeared on a document of 1359, to indicate a fortified farm near the  Church of Santa Margherita, the root “Igea Marina” was subsequently added to Bellaria when a doctor from Rimini, Vittorio Belli, called “Igea” a village designed by him between the Uso river and Torre Pedrera.

Igea was the daughter of Aclepio, God of medicine. Bellaria Igea Marina is located in the northern extremity of Rimini, and offers to tourists its beautiful and colored beach, the city park, the elegant and salubrious pedestrian areas surrounded by greenery.

Bellaria has always been careful to seaside tourism and offers the most modern hotels to meet every need, fish restaurants, nightclubs and discos for the fun of young people. Among the most interesting proposals for your holidays in Bellaria Igea Marina: La Via dei Romei, the main road that from north led to Rimini, and therefore to Rome, passed in this locality, near the Parish Church of S. Martino in Bordonchio locality.

Moreover Igea Marina offers many parks and the possibility to spend wellness holidays. The avenues are often lined with trees, there are plenty of parks and wide green areas a few steps away from the sea that make Bellaria Igea Marina the ideal location for a comfortable holiday.

We shouldn’t forget the Parco del Gelso (Park of the Mulberry), a 25 hectares area in the heart of the city center, where tall trees like pines and oaks alternate, forming spots, in a harmony of colors and perfumes.

Present and future, wellness and fun meet on the safe and perfectly equipped beaches of Igea Marina, in the elegant urban fabric of the city center, pedestrian area for every tourist, for whom are organized the shows and events that every year cheer up the season.