Summer Mid-August-Holiday: Rimini, Riccione and the other resorts of the Adriatic Riviera are waiting for you with last minute offers to spend your seaside holiday!

In order for you to spend a wonderful Mid-August-Holiday week, Rimini and the Adriatic Riviera offer you many events and much fun. You can spend  Mid-august-holiday at hotels offering “FUN” packages, to spend some days in the amusement parks of the area. Or you can decide to relax on your sunbed to then go wild in discos at night hours. All the hotels offer affordable prices, excellent cuisine and top class services.

We are sorry but at the moment there are no corresponding offers in this location. Why not take a look at other special offers in the Adriatic Coast ?

Mid-August-Holiday originally and today ... In ancient times the Mid-August-holiday wasn’t a feast restricted to August 15th, but it even lasted throughout the month, as it had been established by the first Roman Emperor and was a celebration in honor of Augustus. In this month took place other religious celebrations as for instance August 13th, a day dedicated to DIANA, goddess connected with life in woods, moon phases an maternity.

In the same period, namely around middle August, also took place other feasts in honor of various gods, all connected with the worship of women’s fertility and prosperity. 

Currently in this period is only celebrated August 15th which, besides being a day out par excellence of the Italian summer, also coincides with the religious feast of the Assumption of Virgin Mary. 

In fact in this specific period, all the Adriatic Riviera resorts celebrate the Mid-August-Holiday with many shows, events and much more. During the day all the beaches are crowded with people in search of relief from the hot, to then get ready for the night that will be long, funny and tiring as it will culminate at sunrise with the classic breakfast at 5 a.m., with a cappuccino and a hot bombolone (krapfen).

Not to forget are two main steps during the Mid-August-holiday night: the midnight bath and the fireworks along the  coast. Indeed, at the stroke of midnight, all the coastal resorts (Milano Marittima, Cervia, Cesenatico, Gatteo Mare, S. Mauro Mare, Bellaria, Igea Marina, Rimini, Riccione, Misano Adriatico, Cattolica e Gabicce) will be enlightened by the spectacular fireworks that inflame the night with colors and emotions.

At Mid-August-Holiday all the hotels and accommodation facilities of the Riviera of Romagna offer interesting holiday packages, initiatives and games to spend 2/3 days in a friendly, familiar and unforgettable atmosphere.

Mid-August-Holiday: Summer – Adriatic Riviera

Spending Mid-August-Holiday in the most renowned cities of the Adriatic Riviera is a timeless classic of seaside tourism.

Thanks to the hospitality, the great events, the happyness that fills every street and the offers for the Hotels of Rimini, Riccione, Cattolica and surroundings, every holiday in these seaside cities changes over time into an unforgettable memory to be lived other hundred times in life.

The most renowned clubs and the most loved stages of these cities get ready to host sport and show-business personalities who embellish every moment - and event – of this celebration. Also theme parks like Oltremare, Aquafan, Aquarium of Cattolica, Beach Village and Mirabilandia are getting ready for the most important day of all summer. There will be no lack of concerts, fireworks and fun for children.

Just because many are those who choose the Rimini coast for  Mid-August-Holiday, the Adriatic Riviera hotels offer packages specifically thought for families and young people, offers that meet any taste, need and desire.

Mid-August-Holiday in Rimini

Rimini, one of the most famous tourist resorts all over the world, also this year is getting ready to welcome Mid-August-Holiday at best.

Thousands of tourists from all over Europe will pour out to this resort in search of sun, sea, beach, relax, fun and good cuisine. Rimini and the Riviera as in the previous years, during the day will offer entertainment and fun both on the beach and in hotel at lunch, and much fun during night in the clubs and discos of the area. For those who love to see something different, the Riviera also offers many events in the resorts adjacent to Rimini, as for instance Mondaino that, from 16th  to 19th  august, will offer to tourists the possibility to re-experience the castle and the Renaissance celebrations.

Indeed in these days will take place the very famous Palio del Daino, historical reenactment in honor of the Renaissance poet Muzzarelli Giovanni, killed in Mondaino  at the age of thirty.